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Safety covers can be either automatic or manual. They are more than capable of supporting children, pets and even adults weight. Safety covers are suitable for both deck mounted and pit mounted installation, a selection of pit coverings for installation including aluminum lids, polymer wood, or heavy duty trays to suit copings/tiling.  




Slatted covers are suitable for both domestic and commercial pools in indoor and outdoor environments. These covers are highly rated in heat insulation, evaporation control, durability and a clean aesthetic appearance. The system is a automatic key switch system where the cover can be housed above or below deck. Roldeck covers are made up from interlocking sections, each one simulates double glazing system to give the highest degree of insulation. This is not a safety cover. 


Bubble covers are solar blankets that can be mounted to roller or just floating on the surface of the water. The cover can be used on both indoor and outdoor pools, and either floor mounted or wall mounted. The material offers high performance in solar gain, retention and the prevention of water loss at budget value


These are retractable safety cover. They also act as debris cover and insulation cover. They can be used on pools , both traditional and custom shapes, up to 11m x 5.5mm. They can be installed on both inground and above ground pools. They also have the option to have a motorised system incorporated. 

We offer many different types and styles of covers that aid heat retention, improve safety and lengthen your swimming season. Planscapes are able to supply many cover systems.


Allows for all year round swimming, with better heat retention and a cleaner environment free of outdoor debris. They have a slide back system which allows the enclosure to fully retract back off the pool. The polycarb structure can be custom built with various sizes and heights accommodated. They also help keep debris out of the water and offer better heat retention than typical pool covers. 


We have a local showroom based in Studley Warwickshire.

There are three fitness pools available for you to trial. 

If you would be interested in arranging a trial swim please call us on 01527 854519.

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