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Do you want to enhance the look of your pool? Choose from a selection of patterned and plain liners, in both 30thou factory built (bag) liners or welded on site Alkor reinforced high temperature liners and a variety of mosaic and plain tiles for customising to your personal preferences.


We provide high quality finishes for both indoor and outdoor pools:


  • Tile bands – typically with older tiled and marbelite pools, a crack line can be found in the mosaic one or two courses down. We know why this occurs and how to permanently repair the problem.

  • Tile band removal and replacement to full pool tiling (over marbelite or after removal of existing tiles).

  • Crack suppression – cracks in concrete pools need not be the end of the line for your pool. Planscapes Leisure Ltd can provide a permanent and invisible repair using our Crack Suppression system.

  • Relining – we utilise our specialised relining skills to make the old, defective tiled, marbelite or vinyl lined pool shells look like new.

  • Under felting and factory supplied lining carried out on site (1.5mm, high temperature grade linings).

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