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Tilestone Pools

Tilestone Pools are one-piece prefabricated swimming pools with the option of a self-supporting steel frame when installing above ground. They can be installed above or below ground and have a range of sizes from 5m x 3m x 1.5m to 12m x 4.5m x 1.5m all 100% leak free.

You can also have built in windows which is perfect for swimming professional looking to check a swimmers form and posture. Tilestone pools are a bespoke product factory built to your needs. They are available as Skimmer pools, Overflow pools or Infinity Edge pools depending on your style and installation location.  

Automatic pool covers are available as an optional extra for each pool design to keep your pool clean, safe and reduce your heating costs. 

Planscapes Leisure Ltd can tailor the pools to your preference and carry out the installation process with an ongoing care package providing maintenance support. Let our team ensure your pools is installed snag free with expert advice at each stage of your journey. 

Tilestone Pools 1
Tilestone Pools 2
Tilestone Pools 3
Tilestone Pools 4
Tilestone Pools 5
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