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Swimming  Pool Chemicals

Planscapes Leisure Ltd can provide a large range of Swimming pool and Spa chemicals and chemicals  testing equipment, we have a large range available in stock for collection or as part of a maintenance package we can bring and use as required.


If you are looking after your own Pool or Spa we are happy to offer advice on quantities to use and combinations of chemicals that do and  do not go together.

With many types of chemicals on offer we can supply Swimfresh - Fi-clor and own label brands, different test kits, dosing systems along with hand or automatic pool cleaners, we have everything to keep your pool or spa fresh and clean.

Pool Chemicals

Disease prevention should be the top priority for every water quality management program for pool and spa operators.


Disinfection is critical to protect against pathogens, and is best managed through routine monitoring and maintenance of chemical feed equipment to ensure optimum chemical levels in accordance with regulations

Pool Chemicals Test Kits

Ideal for the residential user, the Pool tester range from Palin test provides simple and cost-effective pool and hot tub testing.

Pool tester kits are a cost-effective solution for residential users, looking for quick test results.

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