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Endless Pools

No more travelling to the local swimming pool, with a wide range of options available you could own your own compact pool. With Endless Pools you can swim or exercise against a broad deep current that's adjustable in speed to your own ability.

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Enjoy the benefits of the infinite swim as you challenge yourself against the swim current. From leisure swims to Olympic training Endless pool provide a convenient and compact alternative to full size, traditional swimming pools.
The speed of the current can be set to the individuals swimming strength making it the perfect swim training tool for the home or commercial setting.

Easy to install with a prefabricated construction, your pool can typically be built in 2-4 days depending on your requirements. 

Our engineers specialise in Endless Pool design and build so can guide you through the process.

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How much does it cost to operate an Endless Pool?

The ability to enjoy all the benefits of warm water year-round at low cost is one of the real advantages of an Endless Pool.


The cost to circulate water through filter and heater:

The super-efficient pump draws 120 watts of electricity and runs almost silently, the water is circulated continuously 24 hours a day so over the course of a day you will use .012kw x 24 hours = 2.88kwh

The cost to run the 5 hp swim current system whilst you are swimming:

1 hour of 5hp consumes 3.72 kwh


Here at Planscapes Leisure Ltd our indoor pool costs us just under 40p per day to heat and circulate the water and about 50p an hour to run the swim current.



These costs will vary based on the insulation and whether the pool is outdoor or indoor and your electricity tariff per kwh.

Your Endless Pool can be fitted with a treadmill and add more functionality as a physiotherapy centre. Combining a treadmill with your pool is a great way to build or rebuild your leg muscles.


Also available are manual and hydraulic options and aqua bikes.  


If you want to add a swim current to your existing swimming pool the Endless Pools Fast Lane can be retrofitted. The video below demonstrates one such installation transforming a standard swimming pool into an exercise pool. 

Endless Pool with treadmill person 2 sma

This video demonstrates how easily the Endless Pools can be assembled. Once the outer shell has been constructed the liner and swim current can be added before building your enclosure.

The Endless Pool build can take as little as 2-4 days depending on your requirements and preparation work.

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