No more travelling to the local swimming pool, with a wide range available you could own your own compact pool. With Endless Pools you can swim or exercise against a broad deep current that's adjustable in speed for your own ability.

These pools are simple to install, easy to use and maintain, with the added benefit of being economical to run. Indoor installation/enclosure allows you to enjoy your pool all year round in any weather.

The small compact size of the pools means they use fewer resources and energy than traditional pools. We believe these are the perfect pool for the British climate.

With fast and easy installation you can be enjoying a relaxing swim in no time at all.

Why not make a visit to our showroom to see one function for yourself, with fastlane installed and a treadmill you could try before you buy, you will be amazed at the workout you get from it.



How much does it cost to operate an Endless Pool?

The ability to enjoy all the benefits of warm water year-round at low cost is one of the real advantages of an Endless Pool.


The cost to circulate water through filter and heater:

The super-efficient pump draws 120 watts of electricity and runs almost silently, the water is circulated continuously 24 hours a day so over the course of a day you will use .012kw x 24 hours = 2.88kwh

The cost to run the 5 hp swim current system whilst you are swimming:

1 hour of 5hp consumes 3.72 kwh


Here at Planscapes our indoor pool costs us just under 40p per day to heat and circulate the water and about 50p an hour to run the swim current.



These costs will vary based on the insulation and whether the pool is outdoor or indoor, also on your electricity tariff per kwh.

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