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A full Maintenance agreement can be provided for our customers, we can either attend site and show you how best to maintain yourself or if preferred we offer anythig from weekly - monthly visits, and anything in between.


What to expect on a maintenance visit from Planscapes:


  • Regular service visits include the following:

  • Check pool and/or spa for chemical levels

  • Vacuum pool

  • Clean pool skimmer baskets

  • Test any covers and report

  • Test underwater lights

  • Clean hair and lint pots

  • Backwash pool filters

  • Check autofeeder dosing levels and top up as necessary

  • Check ozone plant operation and air flow levels

PLEASE NOTE: parts found to be defective will be reported whereupon we can quote to replace or repair

We provide advice and guidance that can improve the water quality of your swimming pool, through our vast knowledge and product range of both hand-fed chemicals and automatically-fed sterilant and PH water balance:

  1. Ozone systems

  2. Ionizer systems

  3. UV systems

  4. Fully automotive Sterilant and PH control systems

  5. Salt systems

When it comes to swimming pools, the cleanliness of the water should be of paramount importance.

To maintain hygiene standards and to help do so Planscapes Leisure Ltd offers a wide range of pool cleaning products to assist with this.

  1. Nets

  2. Brushes

  3. Vacuum outfits

  4. Automatic cleaners

  5. Thermometers

  6. Test kits

We carry a large stock of chemicals and basic maintenance parts in our showroom, however, if you need a part we don't carry we can get anything from our suppliers within a few days.

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