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Relining & Tiling

Do you want to enhance the look of your pool? Choose from a selection of patterned and plain liners, in both 30thou factory built (bag)liners or welded on site Delifol or Alkar reinforced high temperature liners and a variety of mosaic and plain tiles for customising to your personal preferences.


We provide high quality finishes for both indoor and outdoor pools:


  • Tile bands – typically with older tiled and marbelite pools, a crack line can be found in the mosaic one or two courses down. We know why this occurs and how to permanently repair the problem.

  • Tile band removal and replacement to full pool tiling (over marbelite or after removal of existing tiles).

  • Crack suppression – cracks in concrete pools need not be the end of the line for your pool. Planscapes Leisure Ltd can provide a permanent and invisible repair using our Crack Suppression system.

  • Relining – we utilise our specialised relining skills to make the old, defective tiled, marbelite or vinyl lined pool shells look like new.

  • Under felting and factory supplied lining carried out on site (1.5mm, high temperature grade linings)

Pool Tiles


Tiles can be applied to both walls and flooring of the pool. This finish is easier to clean than a liner due to its smooth finish. Tiles are available in glass or ceramic and in many different colours.  A tiled motif adds a personal touch to your swimming pool and can be purchased as a standard pattern/picture or bespoke made to your requirements.

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Vinyl liners are a quick and easy installation with many patterns and colours available, you can have with a tile band built in or plain if preferred.  The use of underfelt with a liner makes for a comfortable feeling underfoot. Vinyl liner allows you to include in your pool design the following features; steps, bays, beach areas, pits for automatic covers, safety ledges, deck level and infinity designs. Non-slip material is laid to step treads and shallow areas for added safety.

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