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All the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space.

An Endless pool can squeeze into spaces you would not think possible, if you don't believe what you are reading just come and see for yourself in our showroom in Studley, we don't just have one working on display we have two and you could not get a much tighter spot to have them.

Imagine your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set to the temperature you desire, with less chlorine than drinking water -- a pool that can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or out and used year-round for lap swimming, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and family fun.

You can have just the swimjet on the pool or incorporate a treadmill and some hydrotherapy jets and choose the size and depth you would like.

Introducing, the Endless Pool, the intelligently designed swimming pool for today's world. The Endless Pool is the small pool with BIG benefits! Since 1988, tens of thousands of customers worldwide have realised the benefits of daily aquatic exercise, in the privacy and convenience of their own homes, now it's your turn. Endless Pools are ideal for:

  • Health and Fitness

  • Swimming & Aqua Aerobics

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Triathlon Training

  • Family Fun

  • Pure Enjoyment

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