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As the great British summer has such changeable weather why not maximise your swimming pool usage with a slide back or fixed pool enclosure. This will enable you to get plenty of usage throughout the year, it can be opened up to enjoy the warm summer days and closed for the other 360 days of the year.

With a wide range of sizes and shapes available, the ‘low’ enclosures give you the safety aspect, retain the heat and provide a good swimming height and yet don’t detract the views in your garden

With ranges available from our suppliers Certikin and Swimex we are sure to have something for everyone. The enclosures are ideal for both domestic and commercial use, when the pool building is closed it provides swimming pool safety for children, animals and prevents debris, leaves, etc. entering the water. The solar effect of the cover helps raise the water temperature saving on running costs for pool water heating to a comfortable swimming environment, particularly in the colder months. Servicing and maintenance can also be provide on all enclosures so you can have peace of mind everything is running smoothly.

Remember with a pool enclosure you can make your outdoor pool indoor and back again within minutes, your summer swims will be endless .


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