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Outdoor pools are a way to have recreational space but also a hub for social activity. There are a variety of ways to construct an outdoor pool from one piece pools, panel systems or traditional concrete block constructions. 

There are so many ways to personalise your pool, from the pool finish, the cover, the lighting, and so much more. We regularly work alongside landscapers to ensure that the finish around the pool and surrounding areas also meet your requirements. 

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Just like an indoor pool installation our design team will there to go through every step to make sure the final product meets expectations. Not only can an outdoor pool provide your home with a space for family fun, but can also add value to your home continuing on the enjoyment for the next family. 

Although the majority of outdoor pool spaces do not require planning permission, we do advise that you speak to your local planning department to ensure there are no restrictions in place. 

Outdoor Pool
Benefits of Outdoor Pools
  • Dive in and cool off in summer months.

  • A great outdoor space for socialising with friends and family. 

  • Generally a cheaper installation as there a fewer build costs. 

  • Planning permission is not always needed (always seek advice). 

  • You can be surronded by nature swimming all year round.


The first step in the process would be to speak to one of our specialist advisors so we can understand your vision of your outdoor pool. ​

One of our surveyors would carry out a comprehensive survey of the site. Will will provide an initial design and quote, completely tailored your desires and needs. 

Our highly skilled construction specialists and finishing staff will then turn your aspirations into a reality. 

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