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Pool Water Fountain


High temperature water aids stiff and immobile joints and limbs in movement. The high temperature of the hydro pools water combined with buoyancy, assists joint and muscle movement more effectively than most other means of muscle therapy. 


Water for therapy is no modern procedure. In fact, this application has been carried out for hundreds of years and it now forms an integral part of traditional medicine practices. Many people are quite unfamiliar with the concept and practices of hydrotherapy and how exactly it can benefit our health and well-being.

We support a lot of customers and charities who use hydrotherapy to support themselves or their customers. We can design and build both small and larger pools that accommodate higher water temperatures. Most commonly jets are incorporated to aid with the stimulation and muscle relaxation. Colour changing lights and other accessories are often used to support sensory stimulation too.  

Hydrotherapy Pool
Benefits of Hydrotherapy
  • Patient recovery - integral part of traditional medicine practices.

  • Increases strength and range of movement.

  • Reduces pain and muscle spasms.

  • Increases the patient's feeling of achievement even in the acute stages of rehabilitation. 

Please click here to read about some of the organisations we support. 

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