Planscapes, proud to be of service.

Planscapes Leisure ltd are a bespoke made swimming pool construction and installation company based in Warwickshire, providing not only construction but also maintenance, servicing, spa pools, saunas, chemicals and accessories.


SPATA members in the pool and leisure industry. 

With over 40 years experience in the pool industry, Planscapes is a family run business with our own in house staff from both a point of contact when your initial enquiry is made through to our own dedicated swimming pool expert teams and engineers. Our team leaders have over 60 years collective experience installing pools, spas and saunas in:

Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Midlands, Shropshire, Wiltshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire.


Many types of pools are available, with the rise in popularity pools have become more user friendly.  Outdoor pools no longer need to be outdoor, slide back enclosures enable you to swim all year round and pool heating is now very economical.


A pool build can take from as little as 2-4 weeks before you start to fill with water, if an endless pool option is chosen you can have a fully functional pool installed and filling in just 2-3 days.

Quote from the MD


David Ashmore – MD of Planscapes Leisure Ltd says “having been involved with and constructing swimming pools in the Midlands in excess of 40 years, I have seen a huge shift from large outdoor pools to smaller patio type swimming pools. Most lately with a shift to a smaller fitness pool, fitness pools with swim turbines and underwater treadmills are the very latest technology to enhance the pools use and provide an excellent wellbeing element”

Please contact us to discuss your special project or ideas and we will help you to create a unique installation specifically for you.


Our Policy

Our intention in business has been to train and nurture skills within the company headed by our long term team leaders and contracts mangers to ensure control over our quality of work produced, as both customer satisfaction and the quality of the final product are of paramount importance to us.


Our Customers

Planscapes builds and maintains all manner of pools and spas to the highest specification and standards including domestic pools, spas and sauna’s.

Hydrotherapy pools and spas have been a signature product of Planscapes Leisure Ltd with many special needs organizations requirements having being designed and met. Commercial hotel pools have been a special design and construction forte with wellbeing and style as a top priority.


The Family

Planscapes Leisure Ltd has evolved as a true family company with over two generations to date driving the company name forward over the last 40 years since its inception,  a Father and Son team quoting and doing site work. 



Planscapes has not only benefited from blood line family ties but has developed an associated group of corporate companies in supporting industries to date with a directly employed staff of 30 plus employees and is heavily involved in carbon neutral technologies and exporting the groups own British made products to America, Canada, Belgium, Germany and further afield.