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Spas offer opportunities to relax, socialise and experience the benefits of hydromassage.  A spa used to be mineral-rich water that was used for medical and relaxation reasons. The earliest hot tubs were calderas. The process behind this was to introduce hot stones into the water to heat it. Therma has been particularly popular hydrotherapy dating back to the 4th century BC.  The simple idea behind this has proven very popular over the centuries and from that the spa we know today has been developed with the original idea in mind.

Swim Spas - the latest in Spa development, this is essentially a small swimming pool with a swim on the spot facility (swim jet).  A one piece Swim Spa provides quick and easy installation (therefore cost effective) for combined compact exercise pool with the hydrotherapy benefits of a spa pool attached, this combined with our best range Fast Lane swim current provides the best of both worlds. 

Whether you are looking for a fiberglass Spa, above ground, in ground, tiled, with water fetcher, fiberoptic/LED lights or a sound and speaker system, 3 seater - 6 seater, we supply a wide range of the most unique spas tailored to your requirements from the top manufacturers, supplied and installed with expert staff to get you started and help you with fragrances and chemicals to keep you going.

We are proud to announce our very own display/demonstration model of an Endless pool in our showroom, this particular model comes with a Fast Lane swim current and an underwater treadmill for maximum effect.

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